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Join EU-Music Summit where music professionals meet for networking, deal making, market information, live music and parties.

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The European Dream

Many European urban artists dream about breaking in the US and working with American songwriters and artists. But is the grass always greener on the other side?

With its 700 million inhabitants, Europe has a larger potential audience than the US and its 300 million citizens. So why are American urban artists more known in Europe than European artist?

Are European artists not talented enough? Do artists have to pass by the US to have credibility for international success? Or does European urban music companies not know how to develop internationally successful urban artists?

Artists like Leona Lewis, Robyn, Craig David, Dizzy Rascal, Justice and Daft Punk are proof of European urban acts who have made it internationally, after having succeeded at home first. So it should be possible for more...

Meet the trends

EU-Music is the place to be if you want to discover new urban trends. Upcoming talents are mixed with well-known established artists. The latest trends in music, dance, music videos, urban film and urban art will all be part of the event. 

Several of the best urban artists from the different European countries come to Stockholm for the EU-Music Days. Some of them have reached enormous success in their home-country while but are more or less unknown to the rest of the world. Some artists are upcoming and see EU-Music Days as a perfect occasion to show their talent and meet with professionals from around Europe. Be part of the European Urban Fusion.

Live on stage and direct on the streets.

Breaking Borders and Building Bridges.





Win V.I.P. tickets to you and your friend with all-access all-access to the VIP clubs on July 1-4.

Send an e-mail with the subject EU-MUSIC AWARDS to 10 of your friends and put This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in copy and you can win show tickets.

Join EU-Music

Join the internet street team for EU-Music Days. We need creative people who want to help European Urban Music become stronger.

If you know artists, people in the urban music- and film business and if you know how to reach them, YOU can be an important part of the movement of building the European Urban scene more important.

Spread the word and help musicians, dancers, filmmakers and artists to get heard by participating at the EU-Music. Devoted street team members risk receiving free cds, dvds, t-shirts, show tickets and VIP passes...


Be part of the creation of a platform for European Urban Music. EU-Music is open for everybody who loves good music and the urban culture that goes hand in hand with music. Both professionals and the public.

Film Festival

A film festival for urban film documentaries and music videos is part of EU-Music and invites the public to take place in front of the film screen. Klarabiografen at Kulturhuset offers a non-stop program.

Urban Dance

Watch great dance moves and urban choreographies on stage. Or maybe you want to try it yourself on different workshops? Different urban dance performances show off the variety of European Urban Dance.

Urban Art & Design

Urban Art is a natural element of the European Urban Culture. Exhibitions and workshops will open your eyes to the diversity and creativity of urban culture. Urban design products will be available for sales.